Arbour Park - Surrey Hills gardens

Sit back and relax; Sunday afternoon picnics are sublime on the magnificent green lawns of Surrey Gardens. And sunny days spent in the gardens couldn't be closer — as a direct neighbour, Surrey Gardens acts as a grand extension of Arbour Park's landscaped terraces.

South Village Trading

Everything you need is close to your new home at Arbour Park. Village charm permeates throughout the local community, and neat shopping strips punctuate Surrey Hills and surrounds. Well known for its Edwardian-era shopfronts and classic streetscape, a wander or window shop at nearby Maling Road reveals over fifty unique boutiques and specialty stores.

Surrey Hills has a charm and character that's truly of its own. Arbour Park will embrace the lifestyle of this terrifically leafy neighbourhood.

A short stroll from home takes you to Union Road, where a number of tempting cafes and grocers have everything you need for a well-stocked kitchen. Pick up Australian-grown specialty meats and fresh produce from Australia's first Coles Local store, grab a coffee from Steam Coffee Co and traditional handmade Austrian pastries from family-owned Zimt Patisserie.

Maling Road Shopping Strip
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Arbour Park's stepped architectural form is softly fringed by lush greenery. Here, everything is in perfect balance.