Arbour Park - Surrey Hills living room
2, 3 & 4 Bed Apartments from $720K

Forged through a palette rich in natural textures and shades, Elenberg Fraser's interiors at Arbour Park are characteristically warm and sophisticated.

Operable bronze mesh screening to upper levels enable sunlight to stream through all year round, enhancing the connection to the outdoors. Inspired by the delicate fronds of colour that bloom from a eucalyptus pod, pops of warm bronze within the joinery weave their way through each space.

Apartments now selling

2 bedrooms from $720K
3 bedrooms from $1.4M
4 bedrooms from $3.2M

Interior Design & Finishes.
By Elenberg Fraser.

Project Contributor

With an emphasis on people-focussed design, Elenberg Fraser continue the architectural story through the interiors of Arbour Park.

A direct connection to nature evokes a comfortable tone for occupants, ensuring a holistic architectural vision from outside in. In bringing together specialist artisans and craftspeople, Elenberg Fraser have created a truly bespoke home where every detail has been carefully considered.

The Arbour Park creative process at the Elenberg Fraser office
Chapter Four

Outdoor Living

A connection to the outdoors is always within reach at Arbour Park.